Preparation For UPSC Civil Service Examination

Union Public Service Commission – UPSC, conducts various competitive exams across the nation every year to fill in civil service vacancies in government sectors. One of the most prestigious and competitive Civil Service Examination known as Indian Administrative Service ( IAS) Examination is conducted in two stages, UPSC Mains and UPSC Prelims.

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Before starting the preparation for IAS Exam the candidate must have a clear cut idea about the service. This is to ensure that all the hard work done by a candidate during preparation is directed in the right direction. So let’s have a look at various factors that need to be focused while preparing for IAS.

Don’t just Work Hard but Work Smart.

Hard work is one of the common factors while preparing for an examination. It would not be wrong in saying that most of them are used to it. In addition to this next, comes a small factor “smart work” which differs eventually from person to person. It may require one to be more experimental, flexible, and have a detailed plan in order to avoid the short term in future.

Strategy to Prepare Prelims

The candidate requires 66% marks in order to qualify Paper 2 (CSAT). So the candidate needs to focus on Interpersonal Skills, Decision Making, Data Interpretation and Comprehension to fetch the desired marks. These four topics are easier to prepare when compared to logical reasoning.

Seek an approach where you can gain information when required at a moment. That is when you refer previous years question paper and if you come across a new topic then you can immediately refer a reference book and can even visit a library to know more.

Test Yourself

One of the best approaches is to evaluate oneself. If you have covered a particular section in a topic you can evaluate yourself instead of waiting for last few days to take up mock tests.

Make Notes

It is better to make notes once you cover the topic has it would help to revise quickly before the prelims. The notes can be on general knowledge, current affairs and other optional topics.

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