Interior designing is the most sought careers in today’s time


Kunal Mehta, Managing Director & Principal Designer, leads most of the departments of the company. He brings sophistication and elegance to Kanchi by Shobhna and Kunal Mehta

In an exclusive talk with Mr. Kunal Mehta, he has guided in a great way to the aspirants those who are the seeking their career in interior designing. He said that “Any field that you pursue needs to have passion because it is a critical ingredient for success. Passion is something that will take you ahead in life, make you learn things and excel over it.”

  1. Why did you choose Interior designing as a career?

I am a great observer, from a very young age, I have seen my mother (Shobhna Mehta) being a successful designer in interiors and in fashion. Being a part of it for 40 years in the industry, design has always been around my life so it flows quite naturally.

  1. Do you think Designing is the most sought careers in today’s scenario? 

Well, yes designing is the most sought career in today’s time. Just with the power of ideas and imagination, one can change things into real. And I believe it’s a global village because a good design in Paris not only belongs to that city but also it is shared with each and every individual in matter of hours. Designers have several platforms to showcase their work and be known about it.

 3. What is the scope of designing in India?

Earlier architects would do all the design work, both exteriors and interiors. Of lately, with the growing power to spend, people have become more conscious of the design, layout and placement of their interiors, for offices, factories as well as residences. This has opened the door for a large number of professional interior designers. Designing is much in demand now, not only for the end users but also for the designers.

  1. Procedure to be a certified designer or any particular designing diploma?


In India, when it comes to undergraduate interior design education, three main course formats are available. They are-

Bachelor’s Degree courses

Some of the well-known Bachelor’s Degree courses related to interior design education are-

o   BA Interior Design- Duration is 3 years

o   Bachelor of Architecture Interior Design- Duration is 5 years

o   Bachelor of Interior Design- Duration is 5 years (CEPT course)

o   BA Interior Architecture and Design- Duration is 3 years

o   Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) Interior Design- Duration is 4 years

o   B.Sc. Interior Design- Duration is 3 years

Diploma courses

Some of the well-known Diploma courses related to interior design education are-

o   Diploma in Interior Design

o   Diploma in Interior Design and Architecture

Certificate courses

Some of the popular certificate interior design courses available in India include-

o   Certificate in Interior Design

o   Certificate in Interior Design and Decoration

  1. Any suggestions for our readers

Design world has become a global village. There are multiple options available for one to choose from.  Depending upon your area of interest you should choose wisely, that in which field of designing you want to step into like product designing, furniture designing, lighting designing, landscaping, sustainable designing, accessories & stylizing, etc.