Software engineer may not be a coder but should contribute to the larger vision of the business


Avlesh Singh, CEO and Co-Founder, WebEngage, ‘Ex-burrp, ex-Onyomo, ex-HCL. Startup kid. Over 11 years of rich start-up experience in products and technology. Developer, Product Manager and Salesman’

  1. You are growing tremendously since you started. Please share your journey with our readers.

In 2011, I decided to quit working for an employer and kick-started my own start-up, I tried with one idea. Failed. Tried with another. Here, I saw early signs of success and I pushed the pedal with a great co-founder and team. Five years have gone by since then and things seem to be working now for WebEngage.

What inspired me to start WebEngage was my observation of how the marketing teams, in my previous company, struggled to use their own website/app as a marketing channel. I addressed this key pain point by building a multi-channel marketing automation cloud – Journey Designer – for the mid-market customer.

  1. What is the scope for Software Engineers in India? What would you see in him/her if you want to appoint one?

A good software engineer may not be a coder but should contribute to the larger vision of the business and at the same time have a strong network in the coding community. If you want to set up a team of engineers and you already have a strong and capable technical guy, you can hire freshers who can be trained to become a decent software engineers in around three months.

  1. What does the future behold for online businesses in India?

Online businesses are here to grow! They are going to be more intuitive and intelligent. They wouldn’t be need to hard-coded like they need to be done now rather they would learn from the customer behaviour and automatically suggest actions based on customer’s interaction so far.

Further, the Digital India initiative to improve digital connectivity through online and mobile platforms will spur multitude of opportunities for online businesses.

  1. Why WebEngage is unique compared to other competitors? 

WebEngage offers one of the first-in-class marketing workflow automation builder. We call this drag-n-drop tool as the Journey Designer. It lets you plan your engagement campaigns across multiple channels. These plans could range from designing a journey to automate renewals for your insurance buyers, to, automating re-activations for users who haven’t used  your app since last 30 days, to, automate retrieval of dropped carts on your e-commerce store, to, rolling out an on-boarding plan for users of your SaaS app.

See it in action for yourself –

  1. A few motivational lines for our readers.

Entrepreneurs are wired to be different. They can see things beyond the obvious. So, don’t get bogged down by failures. When you feel like quitting, think about why you started and things will eventually fall in place. Just stay fixed on your goals, yet, flexible in your methods.