Want to know “the secrets” of getting hired?


No doubt you are having a good command over your subjects or having a thorough knowledge but cracking an interview is a different task.

Apart from the academic knowledge and work experience one should have to follow the following steps to crack an interview:


Your Gesture Language: Your body language is one of the most important parts during the interview.

Don’ts: Don’t fold hands over your chest, casual dress code, too much playing with hairs, lack of eye contact, lack of smiling and lack of enthusiasm during shaking hands. According to the most of the hiring managers these acts can reduce your job chances.     


Salary talks:   The conclusion of the interview is to get hired with a good package.

Don’ts: Don’t bring up salary talks from your side, let the employer or hiring manager offer, or if they emphasize you to name the package don’t give them a particular digit or number, give them a range (e.g. from 3L to 5L) etc..


Tackling Objections: Most of the time interviewers are raising objections just to check out your patience or how you deal with the situations and how you can overcome from it.

Expected Objections:

  1. Lack of work experience
  2. Lacking in an specific skill
  3. By asking provocative or negative questions

Don’ts:  Whenever, such situations arrives interviewee immediately knock backs, but you need to be a good listener and answer them patiently. Speak in such a way that it doesn’t seem a fight.