7 Tips to Manage Stress at Work


Candice D’penha
By Candice D’penha, Project Manager, Work Better

Article written by Candice D’penha, Project Manager, Work Better (www.workbetterindia.com)

It is very common to see professionals complain and stress about not having enough time. We often feel that all we do rush in and rush out, be it at work or otherwise. Sometimes, it can become so overwhelming that you feel quite helpless. Let’s look at what we can do to turn this around and manage your stress:

 1. Sleep enough and on time

This is the most basic as well as an extremely important factor. Bill Gates once said that he made sure he got his 8 hours of sleep regularly without fail. This helped him become more creative, and in turn successful. Enough sleep decreases your stress hormones and replenishes the energy required for you to have a great day.

2. Kick start your day with an activity

This could be singing or listening to your favorite song or an activity like exercising while watching the sun rise, meditation and the like. Do this at the start of your day. This will leave you feeling great and positive throughout.

3. Smile and be cheerful

Meet & greet people at work with enthusiasm. Apart from feeling like a million bucks yourself, others too will be propelled to reciprocate the emotion and chances are that they too will get inspired by you.

4. Stay organized

Prioritize your tasks and appointments for the day. This will help you gain perspective as to what your day looks like and how to manage it. Also ensure you have a timeline set for each task so that you are able to complete them on time.

5. Be focused

There’s nothing more important than completing & staying committed to what’s planned for the day. Ensure you don’t get distracted by people or activities around you unless you are on a break. At the end of the day, you will love nothing more than checking completed tasks off your list for the day.

6. Take a break

Even after taking all these measures, there will be times when you may be overwhelmed with work. If gets too much, take a small break – breathe deeply, take a walk, may be even ask someone to share funny anecdotes with you. This will help you lighten up so that when you are back at what you were doing, you might just get a different perspective that will help in finishing what you were doing.

7. The right influence

Always surround yourself with the right people.  This will induce right thoughts, actions and behavior that will help you stay positive and successful.

So, go on and release that bright shining star in you and the potential you’ve uncovered!

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