How coaching is playing pivotal role in our career!


Difference between Training and Coaching is like Knowledge and Wisdom

Freyaz Shroff owns & operates KurNiv Success Solutions & KurNiv Kids, organizations which specialize in creating leaders and leadership driven mindsets for corporates, schools, parents, teachers & children, how coaching is playing pivotal role in our career!


The difference between training and coaching is equal to the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Let’s be absolutely clear: trainers and coaches are necessary, and both play a pivotal role in helping an individual reach their goal.

Trainers provide instruction to their client and expect these instructions to be dutifully executed. A coach provides guidance in such a way that it forces their client to think in new directions, and apply this newfound knowledge to make better decisions/choices.

A coach expects a specific type of growth from their clients; i.e. growth where the client is forced outside of their comfort zone. The client will have to make uncomfortable decisions and traverse unchartered terrain so that they can literally change the neural network of connections within their brains. The understanding that is gained empowers the client to continue making the right choices for themselves at the correct time.

So whilst a coach will never give you the answer outright, they will force you to find it by asking questions to arrive at the ‘truth’ or to glean knowledge. But the belief is that the capacity to find these solutions resides within the client. In that sense, coaching stems from a positive and optimistic approach to self-growth. Coaching dictates that any method of

self-growth should believe that the client is capable of finding the solution; otherwise what is the basis for expecting growth out of them?

Training enforces a dependency, because the trainer has a skill or expertise in a certain area and they build their client to succeed in that area. A coach enforces independency, because their constant goal is to coach their client how to think. Eventually, the client is built to become a leader, confident in the knowledge that they can continue to develop and grow.

In sports games the athletics trainer helps build muscles though a certain number of repetitions at a particular weight and builds stamina through a regimented set of drills, while the coach reinforces team work and guides the players into understanding the various plays that can be chosen from during the game based on the set of conditions on the field at that time.

In classrooms teachers are the trainers and coaches are the ones who teach the children how to apply the knowledge that the teachers impart.

In businesses the coaches foster team work, creative thinking and application of processes that have been taught by the managers.

Coaching and training go hand in hand. Each needs the other to help the client fully maximize his/her or their potential. In today’s world we need not only to empower people and businesses with knowledge, but we need to give everyone an edge by allowing them to learn to work creatively and in team atmospheres.