Finance Minister has announced Five IITs and Five IIMs



A budgetary provision of Rs.1000 Crore under Plan Head has been made for these institutes during the year, 2015-16


In the Budget Speech 2014-15, the Finance Minister has announced to set up five IITs in the Jammu, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Andhra Pradesh & Kerala and five IIMs in the States of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, Odisha & Maharashtra. The State Governments are to identify suitable land measuring about 500-600 acres which is to be allotted free of cost, free of legal encumbrances at a location having necessary infrastructure such as road, rail and air connectivity, physical infrastructure and basic-facilities for setting up of the IITs.  The present status of establishment of IIMs and IITs is placed at Annexure-A.

A budgetary provision of Rs.1000 Crore under Plan Head has been made for these institutes during the year, 2015-16.  However, no expenditure as on date has been incurred in this regard.

The first academic session of the Institutes, whose sites for permanent and temporary campuses have been approved will commence from 2015-16.  Construction and completion of the new/permanent campuses will depend upon handing over of the land, free of any legal encumbrance by the respective State Governments.

Status of New IITs


Sl. No. IIT Mentor Institute Land


1. Jammu IIT Delhi Government of J&K has offered land at Samba and Kathua Districts for permanent campus.  The Site Selection Committee (SSC) has inspected the sites and the Report is awaited.
2. Chhattisgarh IIT Hyderabad Government of Chhattisgarh has identified sites for permanent and temporary campuses at Durg (Bhilai) and New Raipur respectively.
3. Andhra Pradesh IIT Madras Government of Andhra Pradesh has identified land at Merlapaka Village, Chittoor District (Tirupati).  The site identified has been approved on recommendation of SSC.  Temporary Campus has also been identified and recommended by SSC for acceptance.
4. IIT Kerala IIT Madras Government of Kerala has identified land at Pudussery (West) in the Palakkad District as well as temporary campus at Ahalia Integrated Campus, Palakkad, both of which have been accepted on recommendation of SSC.
5. IIT Goa IIT Bombay Government of Goa has identified land at Dargalim (Pernem) for permanent campus and Goa Engineering College, Goa for temporary campus.  While the temporary campus has been accepted, the site for permanent campus has not been accepted since it is not contiguous.  State Government has been requested to either acquire additional land adjacent to the identified site, or look for an alternate site.

 Status of Six New IIMs


Sl. No. State Mentor Institute Land


1. Bihar IIM Calcutta The State Government of Bihar has offered land in Bodh Gaya.
2. Odisha IIM Indore The State Government of Odisha has offered land near Bhubaneswar.
3. Maharashtra IIM Ahmedabad The State Government of Maharashtra has offered land in Nagpur which has been accepted by the Central Government.
4. Punjab IIM Kozhikode The State Government of Punjab has provided land near Amritsar.
5. Himachal Pradesh IIM Lucknow The State Government of Himachal Pradesh has offered land in Sirmaur which has been accepted by the Central Government.
6. Andhra Pradesh IIM Bangalore The State Government of Andhra Pradesh has provided land in Visakhapatnam which has been accepted by the Central Government.  Foundation stone of IIM Visakhapatnam has also been laid on 17th Jan. 2015.